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Men's Residential Services

The Men's Residential Program is a variable length of stay program serving men 18 years or older.  The program emphasizes issues most relevant to men. 

In addition to individual and group counseling, sobriety planning, anger control, stress management, parenting responsibilities and education seminars are incorporated into the treatment of our male patients.  By achieving this, The Council staff feels that individuals will be better able to manage the problems that accompany chemical dependency once treatment is completed. 

A new addition to the program is a MISA group to address the unique problems of our chemically dependent patients who are also struggling with mental illness. 

Upon discharge from its respective programs, The Council provides its patients with referrals to ongoing life support systems that include medical care, 12-step programs, halfway houses and outpatient counseling services.  In addition, The Council provides education and referral services to patient's family members including support systems and treatment opportunities.

By providing a safe residential environment, The Council enables the patient to progress at a pace most suitable for a sustainable recovery.

The South Suburban Council, 1909 Cheker Sq., E. Hazel Crest, IL 60429 708-647-3333

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